Monday, November 28, 2016

Treatment for Percocet addiction – The things you didn’t know


When we hear the word ‘addiction’, either of these two things comes to mind; drugs or food. Luckily people who are addicted to food can get rid of it via stressful but comparatively easy means. But when the game shifts to drugs, it’s a whole new different level altogether. Now when the word ‘drugs’ comes up, what do you think of? Does the holy trinity of Heroin, cocaine and LSD come to mind? To some extent you guessed it right; these are the three drugs that have plagued civilizations for centuries. But another type of drug, something that’s horrifically legal, is overlooked by most individuals – Prescription pills, or to be more on point here – Percocet. Luckily you can seek help for percocet treatment in Massachusetts.
What is Percocet?
Percocet is the brand name of a prescription drug that combines Oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone, apart from its infamous abuse rate, is a full agonist opioid. It is derived from the morphine and at times, even heroin.
Percocet, like most opioids, activates the brain’s “feel good” centre. Users have claimed that the way the drug makes them feel is the reason they get hooked to it. But use a lot of it and it starts acting backwards. Just like heroin.

The consequences?
Percocet consumption, like most opioid based drugs has an unfortunate result. It can cause a person to choke, or in some cases even slow down breathing to the point that the heart stops. Percocet related deaths are on the decline but nonetheless it’s quite popular among long time drug addicts.

The cure?

Fortunately, a treatment for Percocet addiction is available at OpiateCare. The treatments might vary according to the level of addiction a person is suffering from; hence we cannot give you the precise names of the medicines right away. But once the patient is checked by our certified doctors, the medicines are administered in controlled doses which the patient cannot over do.

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